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"I choose aluminium double glazing from Double Glazing North West.

I was so happy and pleased with the way they were installed, exactly the way they discussed with me during the survey".

J Smith - Lancashire

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Aluminium Windows by Double Glazing North West offer strength, durability and are highly resistant to corrosion.

Aluminium windows are a premium product and are built to last, with the life span of aluminium windows being measured in decades rather than years. Aluminium windows can be coloured any of over 200 different RAL colours and can be different colours inside and out.

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Aluminium Windows & Aluminium Window Security
Aluminium Window Security Points Aluminium Window Security Point 1Aluminium Window Security Point 2

Aluminium Window HingeguardHingeguards - Hingeguard is the ideal solution to the provision of extra security to the hinge side of a window. Designed to engage only when the window is under attack, the security plates prevent disengagement by supporting the friction hinge.

 Aluminium Window Security Point 3Aluminium Window Security Point 4Aluminium Window Security Point 5Aluminium Window Security Point 6

Aluminium Window ShootboltStainless steel shootbolt and roller locking - The solid, bi-directional locking bolts anchor the opener securley into the top and bottom of the frame and with the roller locking, ensures the opener receives all-round protection

Aluminium Window Security Point 7

Aluminium Window Locking WedgeLocking wedge - Fitted at the hinge side of the windows over 800mm, the locking wedge acts as an additional anti-leaver security device

Aluminium Window Security Point 8

Aluminium Window Centre LockCentre lock - The next generation of window locking, with its central twin locking, replaces the out-dated single deadbolt. The twin locks powerfully grip the window frame, preventing potencial attack from a jemmy or crowbar. Tested to BS 7950, the British Standard that relates to resistance against forced entry.

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Aluminium Window Features

Aluminium Window Specifications

*Aluminium Sections to BS1474 6060/6063 T5.
*Polyamide PA 6.6.25% reinforced with glass fibre.
*Finishes Polyester powder coat paint to BS6496 in a wide choice of colours.
*Woodgrain laminate in Mahogany & Light Oak
*Silver anodised to BS3987, Grade AA25.
*Glazing External or Internal, aluminium glazing beads and flexible gaskets to BS6262.
*Beads and gaskets will accommodate a range of glazing options.
*Glazing Bead Clip in aluminium glazing beads to accommodate a range of glazing options.
*Glazing Gaskets Internal wedge gasket and Captive bead gasket
*High performance weather stripping.
*Locking Mechanism Windows accommodate both internally fitted and face mounted shoot-bolt or cockspur locking systems
*Handles Key operated locking handles.
*Hinges Concealed stainless steel projecting friction.
*Performance Tests Successfully weather tested in accordance with BS6375 Pt 1.
*Complies with Doc. L for thermal transmittance.

Aluminium Window Finishes

RAL Aluminium Conservatory Colour Chart Our Aluminium windows are truly unique they can be made any style and any RAL Colour you desire. Contact us to arrange a free no obligation quote and home consultancy visit. We will design & build aluminium conservatories around you and your needs.


Aluminium Window Glazing Styles
Georgian Bar Aluminium Window
Diomond Lead Aluminium Window
Rectangular Lead Aluminium Window
Colour Over Lay Aluminium Window
Bevelled Glass Aluminium Window
Georgian Bar
Diamond Lead
Rectangular Lead
Colour Overlay
Bevelled Glass


Obscure Glass For Aluminium Windows
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 1
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 2
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 3
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 4
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 5
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 6
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 7
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 9
Obscure Glass For Aluminium Double Glazing Style 9


Decorative Glass For Aluminium Windows
Aluminium Double Glazing Style A
Aluminium Double Glazing Style B
Aluminium Double Glazing Style C
Aluminium Double Glazing Style D
Aluminium Double Glazing Style E
Aluminium Double Glazing Style F
Aluminium Double Glazing Style G
Aluminium Double Glazing Style H
Aluminium Double Glazing Style I
Aluminium Double Glazing Style J
Aluminium Double Glazing Style K
Aluminium Double Glazing Style L
Aluminium Double Glazing Style M
Aluminium Double Glazing Style N
Aluminium Double Glazing Style O
Frame Styles For Aluminium Windows
Aluminium window frame style 1
Aluminium window frame style 2
Aluminium window frame style 3
Aluminium window frame style 4
Aluminium window frame style 5
Aluminium window frame style 6
Aluminium window frame style 7
Aluminium window frame style 8
Aluminium window frame style 9
Aluminium window frame style 10
Aluminium window frame style 11
Aluminium window frame style 12
Aluminium window frame style 13
Aluminium window frame style 14
Aluminium window frame style 15
Aluminium window frame style 16


Handles For Aluminium Windows
Black Aluminium Window Handle
White Aluminium Window Handle
Brass Aluminium Window Handle
Silver Aluminium Window Handle
Double Glazing Check Marks