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"I choose uPVC double glazing from Double Glazing North West.

I was so happy and pleased with the way they were installed, exactly the way they discussed with me during the survey".

J Smith - Lancashire

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uPVC Doors by Double Glazing North West are available in a variety of different forms & colours to perfectly compliment your home. Why not let Double Glazing North West help you find the perfect style & colour of uPVC double glazed doors.

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With a comprehensive selection of styles and designs to choose from you can be confident that Double Glazing North Wests range of uPVC Doors & Double Glazed Doors will enhance your home.

uPVC Doors & uPVC Door Security
uPVC Doors Security Points

uPVC Doors Security Point 1uPVC Doors Security Point 2uPVC Doors Security Point 3

Endurance Tested Hinges

Powerful hinges fitted as standard to all Double Glazing North West doors

uPVC Doors Security Point 4uPVC Doors Security Point 5


Two protruding hingebolts make the door secure on the hinge side by snugly fitting into an apature in the frame's steel reinforcement.

uPVC Doors Security Point 6uPVC Doors Security Point 7

Rollercam Locks

Bi-directional rollercams guide the lock into position and are used to help the door make a weathertight seal in its frame. They also act as an effective anti-leaver device.

uPVC Doors Security Point 8uPVC Doors Security Point 9

Hardened Hookbolts

Two hookbolts and trademark anti-lift pins for the highest level of door security

uPVC Doors Security Point 10

Central Deadbolt

Centre deadbolt secures and protects the centre of the door from attack and makes it one of the strongest and most durable systems on the market.

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uPVC Door Double Glazing

Highly durable uPVC door double glazing

Constructed with 3-chambers, the profile allows separate drainage and reinforcement. All frames measure 70mm from front to back allowing the replacement of traditional 3" timber frames with the minimum of 'making good' remedial work. The uPVC door system is also bevelled to provide a slimmer, more attractive look.

Manufactured to BS 7413, the British Standards for PVCu window extrusions, the profile carries a full 10-year guarantee against discolouration and degradation.

uPVC Door Internal Beading

Internal Beading

All uPVC doors are internally beaded. This means that the beading that secures the glass into place is located on the inside of the frame and cannot be removed from the outside - helping to make our doors one of the most secure systems on the market.

uPVC Fully Welded Frame

Fully Welded Frame

Some uPVC door frames and porches are manufactured with the uPVC lengths mechanically joined. This 'nuts and bolts' method can often lead to the frame being less strong. Water can find its way into joints and extreme temperatures can cause points of weakness. With our uPVC doors all joints are welded. This means that the door is a homogeneous structure, providing integral strength to the frame.

uPVC Door Handles


The attractive handles operate and engage the locking system. The handle is available with lever/lever or lever/pad (teardrop) designs.

uPVC Door Letterplates


Our uPVC doors feature slimline letterplates. The flap opens to a full 170 degrees and includes a draught-proof brush.

uPVC Door Steel Reinforcement

Galvanised Steel Reinforcement

In areas deemed necessary, our uPVC doors are reinforced with galvanised steel, including both sides of the outer frame. Furthermore, all locking keeps are screwed into reinforcement. As well as giving extra strength in load-bearing situations, the steel reinforcement stops any expansion or contraction problems that may otherwise occur in the future.

uPVC Door Fixings

Corrosion Resistant Fixings

As with all of our uPVC hardware, even the fixings are guaranteed against corrosion for a full 10 years. The screws are tested for 500 hours in a salt spray chamber to ensure their quality. This is seven times longer than the requirements for BS 7412 - the British Standard for uPVC construction.

uPVC Door Gaskets

Weatherproof Gaskets

The seal surrounding the uPVC door frame and double-glazing offers excellent weatherability as well as good sightlines, reducing the 'black-line' effect.



uPVC Door Finishes

uPVC Door White Bevelled Beading
uPVC Door Rich Rosewood Bevelled Beading
uPVC Door Golden Oak Bevelled Beading
Brilliant White Bevelled Bead
Rich Rosewood Bevelled Bead
Golden Oak Bevelled Bead
uPVC Door White Ogee Beading
uPVC Door Rich Rosewood Ogee Beading
uPVC Door Golden Oak Ogee Beading
Brilliant White Ogee Bead
Rich Rosewood Ogee Bead
Golden Oak Ogee Bead

Other options and colours are available. Please contact our design team on 01772 641143 or click here to request a free no obligation home consultancy visit.

uPVC Door Decorative Glass Options

uPVC Door Double Glazing Style A
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style B
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style C
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style D
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style E
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style F
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style G
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style H
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style I
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style J
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style K
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style L
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style M
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style N
uPVC Door Double Glazing Style O


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