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"I choose uPVC double glazing from Double Glazing North West.

I was so happy and pleased with the way they were installed, exactly the way they discussed with me during the survey".

J Smith - Lancashire

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Composite Doors By Double Glazing North West are a breakthrough in fibreglass door technology, combining proven levels of high security with incredible good looks.

Our range of composite doors meets the requirements of the Secured by Design police initiative backed by the Home Office and has been independently tested and achieved full accreditation for the stringent PAS 23/24 standard for both extreme weather conditions and severe physical attack.

Composite Doors & Composite Door Security
Composite Doors Security Points

Composite Doors Security Point 1Composite Doors Security Point 2Composite Doors Security Point 3

Endurance Tested Hinges

Powerful hinges fitted as standard to all Double Glazing North West doors

Composite Doors Security Point 4Composite Doors Security Point 5


Two protruding hingebolts make the door secure on the hinge side by snugly fitting into an apature in the frame's steel reinforcement.

Composite Doors Security Point 6Composite Doors Security Point 7

Rollercam Locks

Bi-directional rollercams guide the lock into position and are used to help the door make a weathertight seal in its frame. They also act as an effective anti-leaver device.

Composite Doors Security Point 8Composite Doors Security Point 9

Hardened Hookbolts

Two hookbolts and trademark anti-lift pins for the highest level of door security

Composite Doors Security Point 10

Central Deadbolt

Centre deadbolt secures and protects the centre of the door from attack and makes it one of the strongest and most durable systems on the market.

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Composite Door Designs

Composite Door Design A
Composite Door Design B
Composite Door Design C
Composite Door Design D
Composite Fire Door
Composite 4 Glazed
Composite 1/2
Composite 1/2 Arched
Composite Door Design E
Composite Door Design F
Composite Door Design G
Composite Door Design H
Composite 4
Composite 4 Tudor
Composite 6 2 Glazed
Composite 9
Composite Door Design I
Composite Door Design J
Composite Door Design K
1/2 Moon 3 Glazed
Composite 1/2 Moon
Composite Stable Door

Composite Door Colours

Composite Door Colour White
Composite Door Colour Black
Composite Door Colour Oak
Composite Door Colour Rosewood
Light Oak
Composite Door Colour Red
Composite Door Colour Green
Composite Door Colour Blue

Composite Door Glazing

Composite Door Glazing Style A
Composite Door Glazing Style B
Composite Door Glazing Style C
Glazing Style A
Glazing Style B
Glazing Style C


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